Extras & Add-ons For Your Event

Up Lighting Example

At Music Inc. we try to keep up to date on all the latest trends. These are just some of the things you can add on to your event. If you don't see something you want, just ask.

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Bubble Machine $50.00 

The BU-350 is American DJ's latest high output bubble machine. This compact but rugged device will kick out hundreds of bubbles every minute.

Dry Ice Ground Fogger $350.00

Chauvet NIMBUS dry ice ground fogger.
Keeps the fog on the ground
Uses Only dry ice and water

Foam Party $1,250.00

An awesome foam party.

Fog Geyser Machine $125.00

•Produces a pyrotechnic-like effect by emitting 15-foot-high blasts of color, fog and light
•Lightweight and compact size makes it perfect for mobile applications
•Functions as a dramatic effect or powerful fogger
•Creates a bright, colorful stage effect using 9 (3W) RGB LEDs
Must be approved by the venue.

Ice Fogger $175.00

The Antari Ice Fogger produces low lying fog using regular ice and fog fluid. Low lying fog is great for special effects.

Snow Machine $75.00
Adjustable output of snow, Disperses snow over a large area
Output: 10 cubic in. per min.

Karaoke $150.00

Add Karaoke to any event with dual microphones and over 70,000 karaoke songs to choose from.

Lights $150.00

Dance lights package 10 foot truss with various lights. Note: Some packages have lighting included

Love Story $50.00

We get both versions on how the couple met and combine them into one story, that we share with the guest at the reception.

Monogram Lighting $150.00

Includes the personalized design, custom gobo disc, gobo projector.

Music Videos No TV $100.00

Add music videos to your event.
Event must have HDMI TVS to hook up to

Music Videos on 50" TV $150.00

Music videos on our 50" flat screen TV
You can also put announcements, karaoke, Slideshow or whatever else you want.

Projector and screen rental $125.00

This is for projector and screen rental, This Price is only good for a wedding add on.

Slideshow $50.00

We combine up to 200 pictures to music.
A video of snap shots of you two growing up.
Parents Love IT!

Up Lighting $25.00

This is for each up lighting.
Perfect for walls, ceilings and under tables
Looks awesome under cake table.

Voice Overs $25.00

Voice Overs for First Dances.
Tell your mother, father, husband or wife thank you, how much and why you love or what ever you want while the first dance song with them plays. Have your wedding vows played over while your first dance together starts.