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80's Night

  We are the biggest and best full range DJ service in the area with over 125,000 songs, 80,000 music videos  and 90,000 karaoke songs. some of the Best male & female DJs in the area.  We do all formats of music Pop, Hip Hop, 80's, Classic Rock, Country , Techno,  House  and Mix Shows. Big or small we will design a show to fit your club's or bar's needs and budget. Prices starting  under $200 a night.
   Price for our DJs vary depending on the club or bar , time, day of the week and  what kind of  music and or equipment needed.  Also discounts are given to  contracts of  6 months or more.
 We will do what ever it takes to make your business  popular .That is my promise to you, because when you make money we all do. We look forward to working with you.

Tim (DJ Double D)
President Music Inc.

Phone: 815-986-7767

My Promise

 Benefits For Hiring Us

¨ We will promote your club through our web site and set up a site for your club pictures

¨ We will weekly email your clients with updates, drink specials and special promotions.

¨ We will meet once a week or as needed to go over promotions and specials.

¨ We will employ the DJ and be responsible for him or her. (no paying taxes)

¨ We will do all the DJ training and handle all the music and equipment.

¨ We will always have a DJ on stand by for emergencies.

¨ Let Us Take The Worries Away from You So You Can Run Your Bar Or Club.

¨ Over 10 Years Of Experience

¨ Over 125,000 Song Library

¨ Over 90,000  Karaoke Songs

¨ Over 80,000 Music Videos

¨ 100% Legal  Digital Music

¨ Fully Insured

¨ High Quality Sound Systems

¨ L.E.D. .Light Show

¨ On Going Training

¨ Latest Releases

¨ Wireless  Microphones  For Karaoke

¨ Music Videos & Karaoke Hookup For Your TVs

¨ DJs For All Formats

¨ Areas Largest & Best

¨ Any Club or Bar Big or Small